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Large traffic spikes can occur when your company launches a new product or feature, runs a successful marketing campaign, or gets featured on a prominent site. Traffic also fluctuates due to seasonal events (like Black Friday) or for no apparent reason at all.

High-traffic events such as these magnify the risk as well as the potential reward to your business.

If your system handles the load gracefully and delivers a good user experience, you will probably make a lot of money. If it fails to deliver a good experience, you will lose money and upset your customers.

Load Testing == Minimizing Risk

Load testing is a way to minimize the risk of slowness or downtime due to a high-traffic event.

By simulating the high-traffic event ahead of time and measuring how well your system scales, you’ll give yourself confidence – and time to fix any problems you might discover.

Scaling of complex systems, such as web applications, is multi-dimensional and non-linear. If you’re new to load testing, take a glance at “What’s load testing?” for some general concepts.

If you’re already experienced with load and performance testing, skip ahead to “How does Loadster work?”.