Flexible pricing

to fit the way you test

  • Loadster Fuel Pay As You Go Testing

    Usage-based pricing. All-inclusive, with no extra cloud costs or infrastructure to worry about. Just buy Loadster Fuel to run your tests. Pay as you go, no commitment.

    Ideal For
    Occasional or Short-Term Testing
    Starting Price
    $97 for 1000 Bot Hours
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  • Monthly Plans Frequent Low Cost Testing

    Predictable, affordable monthly pricing for frequent load testing. Run all your tests each month with straightforward budgeting and no billing surprises.

    Ideal For
    Frequent or Long-Term Testing
    Starting Price
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Upgrade or downgrade anytime and keep your data!

Pricing FAQs

  • Why are there two pricing models?

    Some of our customers only load test occasionally, while others load test regularly as part of their software delivery process. Loadster Fuel lets you get up and running quickly, with minimal setup or commitment. Monthly Plans enable frequent load testing at a lower cost per test, and predictable budgeting.

  • Which pricing model is best for me?

    If you're unsure, start with Loadster Fuel. There's no commitment and no setup required. As you start to test more frequently, you might realize significant cost savings by switching to a Monthly Plan, which allows you to run many of hours of tests each month without worrying about cost overruns.

  • If I started with Loadster Fuel, can I switch to a plan?

    Certainly! Most of our customers start with pay-as-you-go Loadster Fuel. Switching to a monthly or annual plan is easy. All your scripts, test results and other data stays in your account regardless of what plan you're on.

  • What happens if I switch plans or downgrade?

    No matter what plan you're on, you keep your data. Similarly, any unused pay-as-you-go Loadster Fuel stays in your account indefinitely. Don't need to load test for a while? No worries, it's here when you need it.

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