Flexible, all-inclusive pricing

to fit the way you test

Pay as you go with Loadster Fuel or choose a predictable monthly plan.

Pay As You Go

Loadster Fuel powers your load testing. Add fuel, run tests. Pay as you go with no commitment.

Ideal For
Occasional or Short-Term Testing
  • Loadster Fuel 1000 Units
    Fuel Units


  • Loadster Fuel 5000 Units
    Fuel Units


  • Loadster Fuel 10,000 Units
    Fuel Units


  • Loadster Fuel 20,000 Units
    Fuel Units


Monthly Plans

Plans offer predictable pricing at a fixed monthly cost. Simple, easy-to-budget pricing.

Ideal For
Regular or Longer-Term Testing
  • 5k
    • 5,000 Protocol Bots
    • 500 Browser Bots
    • 10 monthly load test hours
    $288 / month
  • 10k
    • 10,000 Protocol Bots
    • 1,000 Browser Bots
    • 10 monthly load test hours
    $488 / month
  • 20k
    • 20,000 Protocol Bots
    • 2,000 Browser Bots
    • 10 monthly load test hours
    $888 / month
    • Up to 2,000,000 Protocol Bots
    • Up to 200,000 Browser Bots

Real Chrome browsers

Loadster's Browser Bots automate real headless Chrome browsers. Real browser load testing is the ideal way to test modern websites and web applications. Many other load testing tools use simple HTTP clients, which can be cheap but less realistic.

No separate cloud costs

Loadster runs from our AWS and GCP cloud accounts across 29 regions, so the price you pay includes these cloud costs. You don't need to supply your cloud secrets, and you won't get a separate testing bill from your cloud provider.

Friendly to teams

Invite your colleagues to create Loadster accounts and work together on load testing. Up to 15 team members are supported at no charge, whether you're testing with Loadster Fuel or a Monthly or Annual Plan.

Custom plans are available

Loadster plans are highly configurable, so if the standard ones aren't a good fit, please email sales@loadster.app to design a custom plan.

Load Test Fuel Calculator

Bot Type

Protocol Bots
Browser Bots

Number of Bots

10,000 Bots

Test size bar chart
Test size bar filling chart
Bar range

Test Duration


Duration bar chart
Duration bar filling chart
Bar range
Loadster Fuel 1000 Units Loadster Fuel 5000 Units Loadster Fuel 10000 Units Loadster Fuel 20000 Units

1,000 Fuel Units

How much fuel does it take to run a test?

Fuel usage depends on the test duration, the number of bots, and the type of bots.

No fuel is required to edit scripts, design load test scenarios, or analyze test reports.

Add Loadster Fuel

Don't want to worry about fuel usage?

If you'd like a predictable fixed price, select a Monthly Plan or ask us about an Annual Plan.

Select a Plan

Pricing FAQs

  • Why is there both Pay As You Go and Monthly Plan pricing?

    We offer pay as you go Loadster Fuel for customers with short-term or unpredictable usage, and monthly plans for those who load test more regularly. Monthly plans might be easier to budget for, since you know the exact cost of your load testing ahead of time, and can also save you money on frequent testing.

  • Can I upgrade, downgrade, or cancel at any time?

    Of course. Upgrades from one plan to a higher plan take effect immediately, and you'll receive a prorated credit for unused time on your current plan towards the new plan. Downgrades take effect at the end of the current billing period. You can cancel your subscription and stop billing at any time.

  • Can I have Loadster Fuel and a monthly bot plan together?

    Yes, you can. Load tests that fit within your plan limits will be covered by the plan, and no fuel will be burned. If you run a test that exceeds your plan limits, that test will burn Loadster Fuel. Some customers like to keep a monthly plan to cover frequent routine load tests, and use fuel for the occasional big test.

  • What exactly do you mean by all-inclusive pricing?

    Some other load testing tools require your AWS or DigitalOcean cloud tokens and then run the load test from your cloud provider, who bills you separately. Loadster runs the tests from our cloud, so the price you pay includes these cloud fees. That said, if you actually want to run from your own cloud, we'll design a custom plan for you.

  • Can I buy fuel on a subscription?

    Yes, we sometimes offer discounted fuel with a monthly recurring subscription. This makes sense if you load test semi-regularly but not quite regularly enough to justify a bot plan. During the quieter months fuel will accumulate in your account, and then you can use it for load testing during the busier months.

  • Does unused fuel ever expire?

    Loadster Fuel that you purchased on a "pay as you go" basis does not expire, and will remain in your account indefinitely until you use it. Loadster Fuel that you purchased at a discount with a subscription does not expire as long as you maintain the subscription, but if the subscription ends any leftover fuel purchased with it expires.

  • Who do I ask about a custom plan or bulk fuel pricing?

    Custom plans, enterprise plans, annual/semiannual/quarterly pricing, and bulk fuel pricing are available. We'll be happy to try to work something out for you. Please contact sales@loadster.app and let us know what you're looking for.

  • What happens to my data if I cancel a plan or run out of fuel?

    Even if you run out of fuel or cancel your subscription, you'll still have your scripts, scenarios, datasets, and load test reports. Don't need to load test for a while? No worries, your Loadster account data will be here when you need it.

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