• Our partner - PagerDuty

    PagerDuty gives you real-time visibility into your critical apps and services all in one place, interpreting signals from your applications and monitoring stack, automatically engaging the right people, and accelerating issue resolution.

    With help from Speedway, you can run your Loadster scripts as 24x7x365 site monitors, and get notified through our PagerDuty integration if anything goes wrong.

  • Our partner - VictorOps

    VictorOps, also known as Splunk On-Call, is designed to help devops and operations teams improve their on-call experience while reducing mean time to acknowledge and restore outages with context-rich notifications and cross-functional collaboration.

    When you're using Speedway along with Loadster, you can run any Loadster script as a scheduled monitor, and get notified of problems through VictorOps.

  • Our partner - Opsgenie

    Opsgenie is Atlassian's solution for on-call and alert management, centralizing your alerts and notifying the right people at the right time when something goes wrong, with a focus on flexibility and analytics. If you're using other Atlassian tools, you've probably tried Opsgenie.

    Together with Speedway for monitoring, you can run 24x7 uptime checks and get notified through Opsgenie if any monitor fails, to quickly resolve downtime and outages.

  • Our partner - Slack

    Slack has been characterized as a digital headquarters for teams or entire companies large and small. When chat-based internal communication is important, Slack's goal is to bring everything and everyone together in one place.

    Loadster's integration with Slack gets you rapid notifications in a channel of your choosing whenever important things happen related to your load testing and monitoring.

  • Speedway

    Speedway is more than a partner. It's Loadster's companion product for site and API monitoring, built on the same platform. Run your scripts on a schedule, 24x7x365, and get notified immediately if anything breaks.

    With Speedway, you can create separate monitoring scripts, or reuse your Loadster scripts for both load testing and uptime checks.

    Learn more about Speedway Site & API Monitoring and give it a try!

  • LBH Partners

    LBH Partners provides strategic consulting and advisory services to help their clients manage technology risks. One serious technology risk is site failure due to heavy traffic, and the best way to mitigate this risk is by load testing.

    Ready to reduce your risk of site crashes and poor application performance, but lack the time or expertise to do it in-house? Talk to our friends at LBH to see how they can help you with load testing and capacity planning services.