Your site has a breaking point.

Find it before your users do.

Don't crash under heavy traffic! Load test your web application with thousands of bots to optimize performance, control costs, and prevent downtime.

Load test your site.
Fix scalability problems before they impact your users.

Every website, web application, and API has a breaking point. Yours might be fast and functional most of the time, only to crash in a high traffic event.

If your site crashes at the worst possible moment, like during a public launch or a marketing campaign or a random traffic spike, it will cost you lost business and hurt your reputation.

Load testing your site ahead of time is the best way to get ready for peak traffic and prevent site crashes.

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Stop crashes and downtime! Optimize your site to handle peak traffic.

Your site might experience a traffic spike when you launch a new feature, run a successful marketing campaign, or get promoted by your fans. Traffic spikes can be unpredictable, sometimes happening without warning.

A flood of traffic to your site is a welcome opportunity... as long as it stays up and delivers a fast experience to everyone!

But if your site can't handle the excess traffic, crashing or getting annoyingly slow, you'll waste the opportunity and damage your brand.

Load testing helps you prepare for heavy traffic, and Loadster makes it easy to get started. Go ahead and try Loadster with a free account or read our short Introduction to Load Testing for a little more background.

Load test with real Chrome browsers or automated HTTP clients

Browser Bot

Browser Bots control real headless Chrome browsers, for the most realistic load testing possible. Automating thousands of real browsers is the ideal way to stress test your web apps and modern websites.

Best For
Web Applications, Modern Websites
Fuel Consumption
Loadster Fuel Loadster Fuel Loadster Fuel Loadster Fuel
Protocol Bot

Protocol Bots execute scripted HTTP/S requests against your API or static website. Testing at the protocol layer is cost-effective and scales to hundreds of thousands of bots.

Best For
APIs, Simple Websites
Fuel Consumption
Loadster Fuel

Realistic scripting, distributed load tests, and actionable test results

  • Step 1

    Rapidly create your test scripts

    Record load test scripts right in your browser, with the Loadster Recorder extension for Chrome or Firefox. Just step through your site like a real user would while Loadster records every step into a script. After recording, play your script back in real time, and edit it if necessary.

    It's simple to add custom validation and capture server responses to reuse later in the script. Not powerful enough for you? Try JavaScript Code Blocks for advanced control flow, looping, and conditionals.

  • Step 2

    Launch distributed cloud tests in seconds

    Configure your test scenario with groups of bots in regions of your choosing, running your scripts, ramping the load up and down, to simulate the geographically distributed traffic you see in the real world.

    Loadster's got what you need to run globally distributed cloud tests with minimal setup. No need to deploy your own instances to run test infrastructure! In about 90 seconds, Loadster can launch tens of thousands of bots across hundreds of cloud instances in regions of your choosing.

  • Step 3

    Analyze results with quick reporting

    While a load test runs, Loadster gives you realtime metrics on response times (average and percentile), network and transaction throughput, errors, and more.

    After it finishes, the same data is instantly available in a test report you can hold on to or share with your team.

    The metrics and report data inform you how your site handled the traffic, what kind of performance your real users can expect when the site's under a similar amount of load, and where the hot spots and bottlenecks might be.

Everything you need to move faster with your load testing

  • Speedy script recording

    Speedy script recording

    Record scripts right in your browser with the free Chrome or Firefox extension. Or add steps manually.

  • Browser-based editing

    Browser-based editing

    Add steps, edit them, and tweak your script to perfection. All in your web browser.

  • Rapid script feedback

    Rapid script feedback

    Play scripts from your web browser, and watch in real time as each step runs. Repeat as necessary!

  • Detailed diagnostics

    Detailed diagnostics

    After your script runs, you'll see requests, responses, screenshots, and errors from every step.

  • Fully managed cloud

    Fully managed cloud

    No need install any infrastructure! Loadster spins up fully managed cloud instances in about 90sec.

  • Live test results

    Live test results

    As a test runs, watch the charts in real time. Monitor response times, throughput, errors, and more.

  • Automatic test reports

    Automatic test reports

    Loadster generates a full test report with charts and tables after every test. No tedious manual reporting.

  • Team collaboration

    Team collaboration

    Anyone on your team can create scripts, run tests, and share results. Make scalability a team effort!

Launch tests from 29 global cloud regions or your own self-hosted engines

Loadster world coverage

Flexible pay-as-you-go pricing or save with a monthly plan

  • Pay As You Go

    Starting at $97 for 1000 units

    Buy Loadster Fuel and run load tests in any of 29 cloud regions. No commitment. Simply purchase more fuel when you run out!

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  • Monthly Plans

    Starting at $288 a month

    Run load tests whenever you need to without worrying about fuel usage. Test regularly at a straightforward monthly price.

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