Load test your web application to find the breaking point

Level up your performance engineering! Loadster accelerates the load testing cycle, so you can tune your applications and prevent crashes in less time.

Accelerate your load testing.

Speedy Script Recording

Record scripts right in your browser with the free Chrome or Firefox extension. Or add steps manually.

Browser-Based Editing

Add steps, edit them, and tweak your script to perfection. All in your web browser.

Rapid Script Feedback

Play scripts from your web browser, and watch in real time as each step runs. Repeat as necessary!

Detailed Diagnostics

After your script runs, view the full HTTP request and response from every step, both headers and body.

Fully Managed Cloud

No need to install any infrastructure! Loadster spins up fully managed cloud instances in about 90 seconds.

Live Stream Test Results

As a test runs, watch 10+ charts in real time. Monitor response times, throughput, errors, and more.

Automatic Test Reports

Loadster generates a full test report with charts and tables after every test. No more manual reporting!

Team Collaboration

Anyone on your team can create scripts, run tests, and share results. Make scalability a team effort!

A universal load testing platform for anything HTTP.

Load Testing for Web Apps

Loadster handles cookies automatically, and you can submit dynamic data with each request by binding to a CSV dataset.

Add advanced validation rules to detect errors or anomalies, and capture values from responses to reuse later.

For looping and conditional logic, write your own JavaScript code blocks.

Load Testing for APIs

Use Loadster's datasets, validators, and capturers to load test your API with dynamic requests.

Test any kind of HTTP API, including REST, GraphQL, JSON-RPC, & XML-RPC.

If you use OpenAPI/Swagger, Loadster's scripting interface can create steps directly from the API specification.

Load Testing for Websites

Record scripts with the free Loadster Recorder browser extension.

Play them back with thousands of concurrent users from any of 22 cloud regions across the globe.

With Loadster's cloud testing platform, you’ll save time and money by spinning up fully managed instances with zero setup.

Test from 22 cloud regions, or your own self-hosted machines.

In about 90 seconds, Loadster can launch fully managed load engines in 22 data centers all over the world.

Need to test on premises? No problem! Self-hosted load engines are included at no extra charge.

Frequent tester, or just sometimes? Choose a pricing model that fits your style.

Pay-As-You-Go Loadster Fuel

for occasional load testing

Load test once in a while with minimal commitment!
Just buy more fuel whenever you need it.

View Fuel Pricing

Unlimited Testing Pro Plans

for frequent load testing

Run unlimited load tests up to a max number of v-users.
Predictable pricing with no budget surprises!

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Test proactively and be prepared for peak traffic.

Acceptance Load Testing

Make sure your web apps meet performance requirements, by simulating the peak load and measuring response time and error rate. If your team has specific non-functional requirements around performance and scalability, Loadster gives you the tools to test them with realistic load.

Exploratory Load Testing

Tuning a site for peak scalability is critical, but requires tools to simulate the load repeatedly. Create a Loadster test scenario and run it every time you make a tweak to your server configuration, to explore the boundaries of your site’s performance and measure the impact of each change.

Baseline Performance Testing

Tracking performance and scalability changes would be ineffective without a reliable baseline. Once you’ve built a realistic load test scenario, run it to get baseline performance and scalability metrics. Then, re-run it every time your application changes, to track improvements and regressions.

Stress Testing

All web apps and APIs have a breaking point. Stress testing can tell you how it breaks. Running a massive stress test can reveal bottlenecks and race conditions that might only occur under maximum load. In some cases, you’ll even discover possibilities for data corruption that you’ll be glad to know about!

Soak & Stability Testing

Some types of problems, such as memory and resource leaks, only appear after sustained load. Trying to track them down in production isn’t great! Instead, soak test your site with sustained load over a period of hours or even days. Monitor resource bottlenecks and watch for errors to detect saturation.

Spike Testing

Web traffic in the real world is rarely constant! A site that was performing well can suddenly bog down with a traffic spike, and some web apps fail to recover gracefully on their own. To test for this, simulate a short burst of heightened load, followed by a return to normal load, and see how your app recovers.

Move fast and don't crash.
Load testing gives you the confidence your site can handle it.

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