Load test your site to find its breaking point

Simulate thousands of users, find performance bottlenecks.
Test from 15 cloud regions or your own machines.


Load testing from anywhere

Loadster is a cloud-hybrid load testing solution, with a powerful desktop app to control everything. Generate load from 15 cloud regions or your own self-hosted engines. It's the best of both worlds and allows you to test both public and private sites.

Zero to 60,000 in 2-3 minutes (virtual users, that is)

Need to run a massive load test? No problem. Loadster can launch hundreds of fully managed cloud engines in minutes. Say goodbye to spinning up your own infrastructure for load testing, and the extra bills that came with it.

Peace of mind pricing

With Loadster, you'll pay a set monthly price, no matter how many tests you need to run. Our price includes cloud costs and everything, so it's easy to budget for performance with no unexpected surprises. Just tell us the upper limit of virtual users you want to simulate and we'll take care of the rest.

Pro plans starting from
USD $299/month

Get up to speed quickly

Your time is valuable, and Loadster helps you do more with it. Record your test scripts using the Chrome extension or Loadster's own recording proxy. Edit them with the intuitive graphical scripting interface, so you'll be getting valuable test results in record time.

More power for power users

Add custom JavaScript functions to your test scripts, to validate server responses and even capture values for use later in your script. Inspect HTTP headers, scan response bodies, and more. Loadster makes the easy stuff easy, and the hard stuff possible.

Questions? Email info@loadster.app

You're in good company.