Cloud Regions

Loadster supports on-demand load testing from 24 cloud regions with Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services as the underlying cloud providers. Cloud instances are launched when you run a load test (typically in about 1-3 minutes).

Loadster world coverage
Region Provider Provider Region Instance Type
N. America - Virginia Amazon Web Services us-east-1 c5.large
N. America - Oregon Amazon Web Services us-west-2 c5.large
N. America - California Amazon Web Services us-west-1 c5.large
N. America - Ohio Amazon Web Services us-east-2 c5.large
N. America - Montreal Amazon Web Services ca-central-1 c5.large
N. America - South Carolina Google Cloud Platform us-east1 n1-highcpu-4
N. America - Iowa Google Cloud Platform us-central1 n1-highcpu-4
S. America - Brazil Google Cloud Platform southamerica-east1 n1-highcpu-4
Europe - Ireland Amazon Web Services eu-west-1 c5.large
Europe - Germany Amazon Web Services eu-central-1 c5.large
Europe - United Kingdom Amazon Web Services eu-west-2 c5.large
Europe - France Amazon Web Services eu-west-3 c5.large
Europe - Switzerland Google Cloud Platform europe-west6 n1-highcpu-4
Europe - Finland Google Cloud Platform europe-north1 n1-highcpu-4
Europe - Sweden Amazon Web Services eu-north-1 c5.large
Asia - Singapore Google Cloud Platform asia-southeast1 n1-highcpu-4
Asia - Japan Google Cloud Platform asia-northeast1 n1-highcpu-4
Asia - Korea Amazon Web Services ap-northeast-2 c5.large
Asia - India Google Cloud Platform asia-south1 n1-highcpu-4
Asia - Hong Kong Google Cloud Platform asia-east2 n1-highcpu-4
Asia - Taiwan Google Cloud Platform asia-east1 n1-highcpu-4
Australia - Sydney Amazon Web Services ap-southeast-2 c5.large

The information in this table is informational only, and is subject to change at any time. Please contact if you have questions regarding instance sizing, number of instances, bandwidth or IP addresses per instance, etc.