Loadster Cloud Regions

Loadster supports on-demand load testing from 24 cloud regions with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) as the underlying cloud providers. Cloud instances are launched when you run a load test (typically in about 1-3 minutes).

Loadster world coverage
Region Provider Provider Region Instance Type
N. America - Virginia Amazon Web Services us-east-1 c5.large
N. America - Oregon Amazon Web Services us-west-2 c5.large
N. America - California Amazon Web Services us-west-1 c5.large
N. America - Ohio Amazon Web Services us-east-2 c5.large
N. America - Montreal Amazon Web Services ca-central-1 c5.large
N. America - South Carolina Google Cloud Platform us-east1 n1-highcpu-4
N. America - Iowa Google Cloud Platform us-central1 n1-highcpu-4
S. America - Brazil Google Cloud Platform southamerica-east1 n1-highcpu-4
Europe - Ireland Amazon Web Services eu-west-1 c5.large
Europe - Germany Amazon Web Services eu-central-1 c5.large
Europe - United Kingdom Amazon Web Services eu-west-2 c5.large
Europe - France Amazon Web Services eu-west-3 c5.large
Europe - Switzerland Google Cloud Platform europe-west6 n1-highcpu-4
Europe - Finland Google Cloud Platform europe-north1 n1-highcpu-4
Europe - Sweden Amazon Web Services eu-north-1 c5.large
Asia - Singapore Google Cloud Platform asia-southeast1 n1-highcpu-4
Asia - Japan Google Cloud Platform asia-northeast1 n1-highcpu-4
Asia - Korea Amazon Web Services ap-northeast-2 c5.large
Asia - India Google Cloud Platform asia-south1 n1-highcpu-4
Asia - Hong Kong Google Cloud Platform asia-east2 n1-highcpu-4
Asia - Taiwan Google Cloud Platform asia-east1 n1-highcpu-4
Australia - Sydney Amazon Web Services ap-southeast-2 c5.large

The information in this table is informational only, and is subject to change at any time. Please contact help@loadster.app if you have questions regarding instance sizing, number of instances, bandwidth or IP addresses per instance, etc.