Can I get Loadster’s IP addresses for my whitelist?

Some load balancers and firewalls watch for a large amount of traffic from the same IP, and block it, to prevent against DoS attacks and other bad behaviors. When you’re load testing in these environments, you may need to whitelist or exclude certain IP addresses from this blocking.

Normally, Loadster spins up “on demand” cloud instances to run your load test, so we won’t know the IP address ahead of time. Most of our customers like this since it’s nice to simulate load from many different locations at once.

In some cases we can coordinate with you to provide fixed IPs ahead of time. If you’ll be running some tests and need fixed IP addresses for a limited time, please contact and we’ll set you up. There are some additional costs on our end, so we can only configure fixed IPs for our paying customers who need to run some large tests for a limited timeframe, but we would be happy to work with you in whatever way possible.