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When I play a script in the editor, where does the script traffic originate?

Before launching a load test, it’s smart to play your script in the editor with a single bot, just to make sure the script is working correctly. This saves you the time and expense of running a load test with a broken script.

When you play a script in the editor, you’ll see live feedback as the steps are executed, but the bot traffic isn’t actually coming from your web browser. Instead, it’s coming from a Protocol Bot or a Browser Bot running on one of our engines. The bot runs the script and streams back the results to your browser so you can see what’s going on.

Normally these bots live on one of our shared engines in North America, Europe, Asia, South America, and Australia. The location is chosen somewhat at random each time you play your script.

But if you need to run your scripts from a specific location, you can configure it.

Specifying a cloud region for script playing

If you’d like to play from a specific cloud region, you can do so in Settings by choosing that region from the Script Player dropdown. Loadster will always try to play from your preferred region. Occasionally if the script players in that region are over-utilized or having trouble, we might have to fall back on a different one, but this is rare.

Specifying a self-hosted engine for script playing

If you have a self-hosted Loadster Engine, you can play scripts from it too. This is often necessary if you need to hit a site that’s running on a private network, inaccessible from our public cloud regions. Your self-hosted engines will appear in the same Script Player dropdown on the Settings page, and you can choose them the same way.