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What happened to the site monitoring feature in Loadster?

Prior to August 2021, Loadster had a feature for running your scripts on a schedule with a single bot, and notifying you if anything went wrong. In a nutshell, 24x7x365 active site monitoring.

Active monitoring (also known as synthetic monitoring) is a useful approach for detecting site outages or breakage before they affect your end users, by constantly testing your site with automated traffic on a regular schedule and from geographically distributed locations around the world.

Initially, it seemed like a natural fit to include site monitoring features in Loadster, because Loadster’s Protocol Bots and Browser Bots are quite capable of complex scripted interactions with your sites and APIs. However, we learned that from a product positioning perspective the monitoring and load testing capabilities work better as two separate products.

The good news is, you can still run your Loadster scripts as 24x7x365 site monitors with Speedway. You don’t even need to create a separate account. You can either log in to Speedway with your Loadster username and password, or you can click the link to Speedway on your Loadster dashboard, to instantly configure your monitors. Everyone on your Loadster team can do the same, jumping effortlessly between apps.

Speedway customers who aren’t ready to tackle load testing can use Speedway independently, for round-the-clock monitoring of their web applications and APIs. Likewise, anyone who only wants load testing but already has a monitoring solution can stay in Loadster. If you can use both Loadster and Speedway, so much the better.