Front-End vs. Back-End Performance

Is the adage true, that 80% of the time that end users spend waiting on a web page is due to front-end factors? What are the exceptions? This short article provides another perspective on where to focus your efforts to ensure your site stays fast and delivers a great experience to all your users.

Capacity Planning (For The Rest Of Us)

A short, opinionated crash course in the capacity planning process as it relates to web applications. This was adapted from an older blog post and reads pretty informally.

Quick and Dirty Performance Tuning

Performance tuning web applications is a lot easier when you have a way to generate consistently reproducible traffic and measure the impact of your changes!

Weighing the Costs of Load Testing

As a load testing vendor, it would be tempting to say that you should always load test extensively no matter what! Of course, the truth is a little more complicated. There are hard and soft costs associated that you should weigh against the risk you’re trying to mitigate.