July 2020 - Integrations with Slack, VictorOps, and Opsgenie

We’re pleased to announce three more integration partners!

Slack is for real-time chat and team collaboration. Loadster’s integration with Slack lets you easily get notifications in a Slack channel of your choice, or your own private channel, whenever someone on your team launches a load test, or whenever a monitor fails or recovers. Since so many teams collaborate in Slack, it’s an ideal place to get notified of load tests and monitoring failures so the right person on your team can take a look.

VictorOps (also known as Splunk On-Call) is an incident management system. It helps development, devops, and operations teams respond to outages and other production incidents quickly. With the Loadster + VictorOps integration, whenever one of your Loadster monitors fails, VictorOps will send a context-rich notification to ensure that the right person on your team gets notified quickly and reliably.

Opsgenie (from Atlassian) is another on-call and alert management system. When production incidents are routed through Opsgenie, it takes charge of notifying the right person or team within your organization, so that you can respond quickly and effectively. If you’re using monitoring, Loadster will automatically create incidents in Opsgenie when a monitor fails, and resolve the incidents when the monitor recovers.