Pay As You Go, with Loadster Fuel

Buy fuel and run load tests, from any cloud region or your self-hosted engines.
Simply purchase more fuel when you run out!

v-user hours
v-user hours
v-user hours
How Much Fuel Do I Need?

Fuel Works Anywhere

The same fuel works for on-demand tests from Loadster Cloud, or from your own self-hosted Loadster Engines.

Fuel Never Expires

Buy all you want, because Loadster Fuel never expires. Your fuel will remain in your account until you use it. When you run a test, fuel will be consumed depending on the test duration and the total number of virtual users allocated for your test.

Share With Your Team

If you're working with a team, everyone on your team can share the same fuel. Whenever you or one of your teammates run a load test, fuel will be consumed.

FAQs About Loadster Fuel

Q: What is a "v-user hour"?

A: A "v-user" is a virtual user, simulated by Loadster for the purpose of load testing. Larger load tests have more v-users. Each unit of Loadster Fuel is enough to power one virtual user for one hour, so we call it a "v-user hour".

Q: Does Loadster Fuel ever expire?

A: No. Once you purchase fuel, it will remain in your account until you use it.

Q: Can multiple human users share the same Loadster Fuel?

A: Yes. Up to 10 human users on the same team can share fuel. Whenever anyone on the team runs a load test, fuel will be deducted.

Q: Can Loadster Fuel be used for cloud testing?

A: Yes. Loadster will automatically spin up engines in up to 15 cloud regions all over the world. When you're cloud testing, you don't have to install the engines or launch any cloud instances; Loadster's cloud services do it all automatically.

Q: Can Loadster Fuel be used for local "on premises" load testing?

A: Yes. Install Loadster Engine in your own environment, and point Loadster Workbench at it. When you run your load tests, fuel will be consumed.

Q: Can I use Loadster Fuel together with a monthly plan?

A: Yes. Fuel will only be used when you run a test in excess of your plan limits. If you're on the Free Plan, that would mean any test with more than 50 virtual users. If you're on a Pro Plan, it's still a great idea to keep some fuel around, in case you need to run a large test that exceeds of your normal plan limits.

Questions about Loadster Fuel?