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fuel = vusers * hours

How Much Fuel Do I Need?

FAQs About Loadster Fuel

Q: What is a "v-user hour"?

A: A "v-user" is a virtual user, simulated by Loadster for the purpose of load testing. In a load test, your v-users play your scripts over and over. A unit of Loadster Fuel is enough to power one virtual user for one hour, so we call it a "v-user hour".

Q: Do v-user hours get rounded up?

A: No! Unlike some other load testing platforms, Loadster does not round up the hours. We only deduct fuel for the exact amount of time your v-users are allocated for a load test, down to the second. For example, a 6-minute test only deducts 0.1 unit of fuel per v-user.

Q: Does Loadster Fuel ever expire?

A: Loadster Fuel that you buy "pay-as-you-go" never expires, and will remain in your account forever until you use it. Loadster Fuel that from a monthly discount plan never expires as long as you keep a fuel plan active, but if you cancel the monthly plan any remaining unused fuel that was purchased with it will be discarded (that's the trade-off for the steep 33% discount).

Q: Can multiple human users share the same Loadster Fuel?

A: Yes! Up to 10 human users on the same team can share fuel. Whenever anyone on your team runs a load test, fuel will be deducted.

Q: Can Loadster Fuel be used for cloud testing?

A: Absolutely. Loadster will automatically spin up engines in up to 22 cloud regions all over the world. When you're cloud testing, you don't have to install the engines or launch any cloud instances — Loadster does it all automatically. All cloud fees are included in the price of the fuel.

Q: Can Loadster Fuel be used for local "on premises" load testing?

A: Yes. Install Loadster Engine in your own environment. You can use your fuel to run load tests from self-hosted engines just like you can for cloud engines.

Q: Can I use Loadster Fuel together with an Unlimited plan?

A: Sure. If you also have an Unlimited plan, your fuel will only be used for tests that exceed the plan limits. For example, if you're on the Unlimited 1k plan (which allows tests up to 1000 v-users), but you run a 2000 v-user test, then Loadster Fuel will be used for that test instead of the plan.

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